Saturday, May 26, 2012

New webcomic - Noteworthy!

Just started a new webcomic, Noteworthy, so check it out! If you guys like random+journal comics, this is the place to go. Didn't feel like making another site in ComicGenesis for it at least for now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cat Nine: Take Two! Site's UP!

Yep. Up. Over here!

Was gonna make a picture, but I'm too, I dunno, high from finishing this since I have been working on this since last week. Can't even concentrate argh! And goddamn it is nice! Though yeah, I kinda need it tested just in case I missed something so just message me!

Seriously guys what are you still doing here?!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miss me?

 I may or may not have improved a lot, but at least now I find it a little less awkward and difficult when drawing bodies. Not perfect, but you have to live with that you got, and improve on it.

Be back at Feb. 13 at most! Trying to set up a bit of buffer, I'm a little slow cause I haven't used my tablet for a while now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ending the hiatus!

Well, productive or not, I've decided to come back from hiatus after these few months but I want to do some things first before I come back.

 1. Animation
Anything that's at least 30 seconds. I want to practice cause we have to make at least 120 drawings(AAAHHHHHHHHH) for my 2DAnim2 class. If I can I'll make an AMV or an opening intro for Cat Nine, else I'll make a simple story or something. Have to find a song that fits. Feel free to suggests songs!

2. Redesign site
I'll update it with actual buttons(!!) when going to other pages of the site. I'll have to find out what links you click on so I can decide if it's going to stay, or maybe add some more. Just tell me if I should add anything.

3. Write the story
This is one of the reasons why I wanted to take the hiatus cause, I have NO idea where the story is going, and what's the ending. I don't want to work on Cat Nine forever you know. Good news is that I've already though of at least six episodes now. And about the ending... say, 40 pages average per episode. I guess I'll make 13-24 episode max. That's about 500 - 900 pages. Whew. I've also decided to start on Midonyn Epic when Cat Nine reaches 200 pages or so...

4.Character Design and Layout
I'll do it properly this time so my style for Cat Nine will be consistent, and I actually "know" the place where they are. If anyone wants to start a comic, I suggest writing the story and this one first... arghh.

I think (cough) I'll probably be back February or March. Or be back at February then make the animation on March, hmm.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just sharing some local music...

w00t I am digging this band right now. I mean, just watch their music videos. Well, they're in Filipino, but whatever.

 I can't imagine how long they took making this...

Woah, a video game themed one.

They're awesome amirite? :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Decided to take that hiatus I mentioned in the chat.
I've always considered myself not much of an artist, see the only reason I'm in Multimedia Arts is cause I don't really know where to go really.
So yeah, this hiatus, I'll take this time to become a real artist. Oh, and to improve my writing skills too! I really have no idea where Cat Nine is going now, and I also want to write a bit for Midonyn Epic.
Oh well, good luck to me!
Don't know when I'll be back though, but you'll know.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Sorry I've been updating so slow nowadays. Since I've gotten a bit better, it takes more time to get it to look right. It's gonna be a while before I draw little faster though. At least it looks better!

Good news is that I'm practicing everyday now, especially drawing bodies, well, practicing everything actually. Before, I spend most of the day just doing other stuff, mostly playing video games and didn't practice much. And I thank Cracked for this, I guess I needed the Effort Shock. Instead of being down about this though, I'm actually inspired to work more! 10000 hours of practice here we go~! At least I now have a solid goal heh.

Learning a little 3d and some Actionscript by the way, they're at my dA if you haven't checked them yet. Nothing complex yet but it's a start. Oh yeah and here's to another 10000 hours of practice!

About Midonyn Epic, I think I'll start when I'm better at writing stories and maybe making sprites. I do kinda want to make a hybrid comic.