Friday, February 5, 2010

Looking back

Ugh, read through the archives again. I am suddenly very glad that I got better, even if it's only a little bit. I kinda forgot why I started Cat Nine in the first place, aside from telling a story, I wanted to get better. I knew patience and perseverance(cough) will pay off in the end, even if there's still a lot of things I need to learn.

My head hurts now though.

(too long didn't read part ahead, go ahead or don't.)

9 things to mention:

1. This will always be my worst drawing of Keith, EVER. Everytime I look at this gives me a...*shudder* o_O and reminds me of Weegee somehow... heh, Weekeith. Srsly, do not look into his eyes.

2. Had fun playing around with this again, too bad the file got lost when the hard drive suddenly went kaput. And even if it didn't get lost, I don't think I still could have finished it cause I go like moaaan because of working on it. Things don't tend to last long when I do it when I felt like doing it. Sad. I *might* make a new one though when the story moves at last and they're finally in the mall. I'm still gonna put that as a maybe until then.

3. Made a lot of mistakes with writing, aside from the crappy art that is. I really don't know why Keith suddenly has the idea to use a mirror, or Tammy suddenly standing up. This one of the reasons why I have a headache now and keep shouting "WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT" and "THIS IS CRAP". Which is why it leads to...

4. Cat Nine fans. Seriously folks, I am still confused as to why I have fans. I mean, "THEY READ THIS, THEY LIKE THIS, WTF?"
Oh yeah sure, the first time somebody said they liked it I was like "WOW someone likes it!". Now that it has worn of... :| Maybe I'm just selling myself short like someone said, I dunno. At least fame wouldn't get into my head. :D
But yeah, I am glad people like it, somehow, even how mind boggling it is.
Thanks everyone. ^^

5. Yes, Myan is cute.

6. I hate drawing people crossing their arms now. Yes I did get a bit better drawing them, but still... Heh, you could say that's the only reason Keith put Myan down.

7. Apparently, sleighs have runners(?), those things underneath that makes it move. Sorry, I have no experience of snow here in tropical Philippines, and so far I've only gone to other countries who lack snow. Is snow that great anyway?

8. I really need to update more to catch up. I should do at least 48 comics a year, 4 comics a month, and we're only around 55 right now. And it's almost the 2nd anniversary of Cat Nine. That means I should already have done around 96 comics now, yikes! Yeah, some of the comics are animated, but I don't know how much they're worth. -_- I think some of them are worth 2 so I should be around 60-ish. *sigh* why am I so lazy? :(

9. I might get a pet cat after this semester, and I think it's cheesy to name it Myan. Any suggestions? :meow: No "Prickly Paws", or something like that. Myan would hate that.


10(TEN hah). Myan. Why did I name her Myan? I HAVE NO IDEA. :D :D :D
I don't think anyone uses Myan as a name for anybody or anything, even around here. See, "Myan" came from a sketch of a catgirl from long ago, and I was having trouble on what to name her. Probably thought Myan came close to "meow". I was young then @_@.  But yeah, it does kinda fit when she IS a catgirl first, but the problem is she IS a cat first, and someone named her, so yeah... and it's pronounced Miyan. Not Mayan, Meyan, Moyan, Muyan or Megan(someone emailed saying how cute "Megan" is o_O).

Alright, I'm done now.
Did you read all of this? OMG you must be reeeaaaalllly bored, a diehard *fan* or just trying not to be rude. lol