Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ending the hiatus!

Well, productive or not, I've decided to come back from hiatus after these few months but I want to do some things first before I come back.

 1. Animation
Anything that's at least 30 seconds. I want to practice cause we have to make at least 120 drawings(AAAHHHHHHHHH) for my 2DAnim2 class. If I can I'll make an AMV or an opening intro for Cat Nine, else I'll make a simple story or something. Have to find a song that fits. Feel free to suggests songs!

2. Redesign site
I'll update it with actual buttons(!!) when going to other pages of the site. I'll have to find out what links you click on so I can decide if it's going to stay, or maybe add some more. Just tell me if I should add anything.

3. Write the story
This is one of the reasons why I wanted to take the hiatus cause, I have NO idea where the story is going, and what's the ending. I don't want to work on Cat Nine forever you know. Good news is that I've already though of at least six episodes now. And about the ending... say, 40 pages average per episode. I guess I'll make 13-24 episode max. That's about 500 - 900 pages. Whew. I've also decided to start on Midonyn Epic when Cat Nine reaches 200 pages or so...

4.Character Design and Layout
I'll do it properly this time so my style for Cat Nine will be consistent, and I actually "know" the place where they are. If anyone wants to start a comic, I suggest writing the story and this one first... arghh.

I think (cough) I'll probably be back February or March. Or be back at February then make the animation on March, hmm.


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